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It's easy to open an account with UFCW Community Credit Union. Print and complete the Open an Account application. Then return the printed application and current ID to one of our convenient locations. You may contact us at 570-693-0500 or 800-832-9328 for more information.


Who can open an account at UFCW Community Credit Union?
Any person who lives, works, worships or attends school in Luzerne, Wyoming or Lackawanna Counties may open an account with UFCW Community Credit Union.

What is a credit union?
UFCW Community Credit Union is owned by its members. UFCW is not-for-profit and is democratically controlled by their members, not stockholders. UFCW needs income to provide more services and updated benefits, its primary purpose is to help members create a more secure financial future with loans and services they need to make their financial life easier.

Is there a daily limit to what I can purchase with my check card?
Yes, your check card does have a limit of $1,000 for withdrawals and $1,000 for purchases per day (reset at midnight daily).

I lost my check card what should I do?
You may contact us to report your lost or stolen card by calling 570-693-0500 choose option 2.

My check card was denied but I know I have money in my account.
Due to circumstances beyond our control there are times when your card may not be approved. Your card may not work due to maintenance, failed phone connection, merchant hardware or over the daily limit to name a few. Always carry a backup credit card or paper check to avoid delays at check out. Also, you can use an ATM to check your available funds and withdraw cash.

Do I need to contact the credit union if I travel out of state or country?
If you are traveling out of state you do not need to contact the credit union. However, if you are leaving the country, contact the credit union before your departure.

How can I avoid ID theft?
Enroll in Home Banking and Speedy Access for 24/7 access to your account.
Keep the credit union's phone number and lost card numbers handy. (Phone numbers are listed under Contact Us and Report Lost/Stolen Card on our homepage).
Check your account often for unusual activity and report any suspicious activity immediately to your credit union.
Make sure your personal information such as phone number or address are current. Our fraud service department monitors unusual activity and will want to call you at the information on file to report suspicious transactions.
If you see withdrawals on your account for $.99 or $1.00 and have not authorized a transaction thru the company attempting the withdrawal contact us immediately.

Why is there a $2.00 statement fee charge on my account?
To avoid this fee we encourage our members to enroll in our Free Home Banking. It provides you with 24/7 access to your financial information. It also, provides you with an e-statement that you are able to review and if you wish print it. Our research shows that most of our members were discarding the paper statement and preferred internet access. UFCW Community Credit Union decided to promote GO GREEN and reduce our paper statement production. Save a tree and sign up for Home Banking TODAY!

I have different account number on my statement and checks?
Your account number is located on your statement. Use this when contacting the credit union, signing up for home banking or speedy access. The number on your checks specifies that it accesses your checking account only. Use this number when you are paying bills by phone, internet or direct deposit.

Is there a penalty for withdrawing my share certificate early?
Yes, a 6-12 month certificate is one month of dividends (minimum $5) and a 24-60 month certificate penalty is three months dividends (minimum $10).